Apple Mac & Laptop Repairs Gold CoastMacs are fantastic computers… But, like all computers, they can still have problems.

IT Services Gold Coast service all Apple computers and laptops, new and old, including: MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMacs, Mac minis, Mac Pro, iBook, Powerbook (and once even an original 1987 Macintosh II !)


Common repairs and upgrades performed at IT Services Gold Coast:

  • Replacing MacBook screens, MacBook Pro Glass, and other components
  • Replacing iMac Screens & iMac Glass
  • Increasing the speed of MacBooks, iMacs and other Macs by:
    • Installing additional RAM (memory) or new CPUs
    • Replacing Hard Drives with SSD or Fusion Drives
    • Cleaning your system and removing junk that can hinder performance
  • Installing hard drives to increase the storage capacity of MacBooks and Macs
  • Transferring data (e.g. photos and music) from one mac or PC to a new mac
  • Troubleshooting assorted problems including:
    • Startup problems
    • Internet connection issues

At IT Services Gold Coast, we do not charge a call out fee and offer free phone adviceCall anytime on (07) 5679 5502, or shoot us a quick email here.